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Myrtle Beach & Wilmington's ONLY One Treatment Head Lice Solution.​

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We Eradicate Head Lice in ONE TREATMENT.

Don't Stress...We're Here To Help!

Since 2013, we've been helping families overcome head lice. Located in Myrtle Beach, SC & Wilmington, NC we offer the fastest & safest way to eliminate head lice in just ONE TREATMENT using the NEW revolutionary exclusive "Airtek" heated-air device.


A one-stop resource for head lice removal, Coastal Lice Center is the ONLY licensed, insured and professional lice treatment clinic in the Myrtle Beach, Wilmington, & Jacksonville areas that offers "One & Done" Lice Heat Treatments with NO follow-up treatments.

Our Services

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Full Service "Airtek" Heated-Air Treatment

Our most popular & effective lice treatment. Our three-step process includes a 30-minute exclusive "Airtek" heated-air treatment and 30 minute comb-out to remove dead lice and nits with an active oil application. This three-step process does not require combing or any follow-up. You'll leave our clinic lice free and able to return to school and all activities - in about an hour. We also offer a 30 day guarantee provided all family members are checked for head lice in our clinic and treated as needed.


Traditional Comb-Out Treatment

The "Airtek" treatment is not recommended for children 3 years or younger. In these cases, we recommend a strand by strand traditional comb-out to remove lice and nits using our non-toxic products. A free follow up recheck is included if done within 10 days of treatment. Our guarantee does not apply to this service. 


Do-It-Yourself "Urgent Care" Lice Removal Kit

Our most affordable treatment option! We'll provide 1) a 16 oz Active Oil Treatment, 2) 8 oz Mousse, and 3) a professional "Terminator" lice comb, and detailed instructions on how to properly perform the comb-out. Since most parents are not experienced "nit-pickers", this treatment will take substantially more time than a professional treatment. The parent will need to do several comb outs over the next few weeks.


Screening & Consultation

Our clinicians will carefully screen your head, hair, and scalp and then let you look in our microscope to see what we found. If you have an active case of head lice confirmed and choose to have an in- clinic treatment, the screening fee is waived. Because lice can spread quickly through a household, it is very important to have all family members checked once an active case has been confirmed.

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Did you know the most popular over-the-counter lice product sold today is less than 45% effective in killing lice and eggs?

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It Matters – We have the newest innovative technology in the industry. BEWARE of clinics that use outdated techniques such as "combing" and charge an hourly rate. Also, BEWARE of clinics that do a partial treatment and require you to buy additional products to FINISH the treatment at home over the next several days.



Our clinic-strength lice prevention products are available at our clinics 

or online!


"Being a healthcare provider, I was thoroughly impressed with Coastal Lice Center, staff and process. They helped calm my nerves and educate me on lice. I never thought we would have to deal with a situation like this but thank goodness for Coastal Lice Center— they were a life saver and even got us in the same day!"


"We love the Coastal Lice Center! The staff is the best! They're always great with our kids. Great prices. Always a warm welcome and they treat our family like their own! Never knew places like this existed, but 5 stars isn’t even enough. We highly recommend the Coastal Lice Center!"


"I'd recommend Coastal Lice Center Over and Over! My daughter is 12 and so upset she had lice, but she NEVER felt alone from minute I made the phone call to the minute we walked through the door. They were amazing and so professional. She provided us with so much knowledge and information."

What Happy Parents Say

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