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About The Coastal Lice Center

Coastal Lice Center knows exactly the fear and embarrassment parents feel when lice is found. Our goal is to provide you with a safe and effective lice treatment and to ease your fears, all in the comfort and privacy of our child-friendly head lice treatment center located in Myrtle Beach, SC.​

Located in Myrtle Beach SC, Coastal Lice Center offers a revolutionary line of all-natural, nontoxic lice treatment products and services that completely removes head lice from your family and keeps it away.  A one-stop resource for head lice removal, Coastal Lice Center is the only licensed, insured and professional lice treatment center in the greater Grand Strand and Florence area.


Coastal Lice Center provides the safest and most effective method of treating the growing lice problem in the Myrtle Beach area. We are head lice professionals trained and certified in the Shepherd Method TM of manual strand by strand nit removal. Our process not only removes the adult lice, but also the nits that cling to the hair and perpetuate the problem. Our calming, thorough and kid-friendly approach puts both you and your child at ease. We are the ONLY Sherpherd Institute trained and certified Lice Specialist serving the greater Grand Strand and Florence area!


Our all-natural line of lice removal products are nontoxic, pesticide free and proven to be 100% safe and effective. Our all natural, pesticide free products contain a digestive enzyme that breaks down the glue that holds the nit to the hair shaft. All of our products are clean smelling and don’t leave the hair feeling greasy or sticky. Our products are available at our treatment center.


Our treatment center is conveniently located at 1203 48th Ave North, Suite 118 in Myrtle Beach. We offer evening and weekend appointments.  With our thorough and expert service, you will have peace of mind knowing that your lice problem is gone for good!


We're open Monday thru Saturday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm by appointment only.

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Coastal Lice Center is Myrtle Beach's first and only Lice Treatment and Removal Center. Trained & certified lice treatment specialist, we remove lice using all natural, pesticide-free products and treatments. We service Myrtle Beach, Carolina Forest, Conway, North Myrtle Beach, Little River, Georgetown, Wilmington, and Florence. Visit our salon and let us solve your head lice problems today.

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​​1203 48th Ave North, Suite 118

Myrtle Beach, SC 29577


Mon-Sat 9:00 - 5:00

Pawleys Island, SC - Opening Soon

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