Our Treatment Process

The Coastal Lice Center is proud to offer our clients the best and most thorough head lice treatment options available. We know that it's important to do it right the first time, so we never take short cuts, and we never use chemicals or toxic products!

What We Do

Your family will receive completely non-toxic, head lice treatment from an expertly trained, kid-friendly and certified lice specialist. Before your appointment begins we recommend your hair be clean, dry and tangle free. This will save the technician time and make the appointment go faster. It generally takes 1.5 hrs to treat a girl and one hour to treat a boy, depending on the length of hair and the level of infestation.

Our Method

1. Evaluate

Nit or not? This is always the burning question! First, we will visually screen the hair for lice and nits. If nothing is found, another screening will be done using a metal lice comb. This is the most effective way to the determine the presence of head lice, and to be 100% sure. We always recommend the entire family be checked, as it’s very possible that more than one family member may be infested, and our guarantee (link) requires this as well.

2. Treat

Once she has determined who is infected, we will treat only those who need it. We use a manual method of removal known as The Shepherd Method. Coastal Lice Center is the only local company trained & certified in The Shepherd Method, the most thorough,  method available. We take lice removal seriously, and we never try to rush the job, so we do more than just comb! First the hair is combed, until nothing further can be removed. Then the hair is divided into 4 quadrants which are examined, in paper-thin layers, one strand of hair at a time, to remove any remaining nits and bugs. Then we comb one more time and do one last, visual head check, just to be sure. We know that this the best way to guarantee thoroughly clean, lice-free hair.

3. Aftercare

We are so confident in our ability that we guarantee your child will be back in school the next day, or we will treat again for free! We will advise you on what cleaning needs to be done and of how to follow a simple aftercare plan, to ensure 100% success. Our goal is to see each and every client through to the end of the problem and to return your life back to normal fast! Due to the unpredictability of head lice removal we highly recommend a follow-up head check appointment within 5-7 days, to ensure that your lice infestation is completely eradicated.  Two free head checks are included in the price of treatment.

We're open Monday thru Saturday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm by Appointment Only.

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