Treating Your Home

Remain Calm

The Internet and other websites are filled with misinformation regarding this subject, some of which puts many people into panic mode. It's true - you will need to do some cleaning, but the most important thing to remember is that lice live on your head, not in your home!

Basic Facts

Lice are parasites that need blood to survive. They must feed every 2 hours. A louse that has not fed will reach starvation mode within a few hours, existing in a paralyzed state until it dies. A louse will generally die within 24 hours without food. Lice live on your head and they will usually only leave in search of a better home.

Nits (lice eggs) cannot hatch off of your head, and they cannot re-attach. Because they are eggs, just like chicken eggs, they require optimal heat and humidity conditions to hatch. These are precisely the conditions found on your head, and this is why nits are often found around the ears and near the nape of the neck. It is warmer there. If a nit were to hatch, the newborn baby or nymph would require a constant source of food (blood) to survive.

Here Are The Basic Things That We Recommend You Do To Treat Your Home:



All bed linens & clothing worn in the last 24 hours by those who are infected. Wash everything in very hot water and dry for 20 minutes.


Items which cannot be washed can be placed in a bag and isolated for a couple of days. This means the items that you use on a regular basis - not every stuffed animal or all of your clothing. It is not necessary to bag everything in your home for two weeks! You should include comforters or bedspreads, helmets, and frequently used stuffed animals, hats and hair accessories.



You can vacuum surfaces that cannot be wiped down or washed. This includes rugs, upholstered furniture, and car seats. After vacuuming your couch, place a sheet over it. Now you can wash the sheet every day instead of vacuuming all of those crevices! 


Brushes & Hair Accessories

Brushes and combs may be soaked in rubbing alcohol for 20 minutes, boiled (which will likely destroy them), or placed in a zip lock bag, in the freezer, overnight. They do not need to be thrown away! Every family member should have their own hairbrush; it is important not to share them with others.

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